How Do I Participate?

How to Participate in a Monthly Theme

  1. First of all, check the host blogger’s announcement post to see what the theme entails. If you’re already a fan and have immediate inspiration, great! If not, watch/read/play relevant things to drum up inspiration for a recipe.
  2. Cook up something or make a recipe! Foods can be taken directly from the chosen media or even just loosely inspired. Do you have something you think a specific character would love to eat? Is there a food in the show you’ve always wanted to try in real life? As long as it’s related to the theme, it’s fair game. Everything else is up to you. Recipes are strongly encouraged, but not required.
  3. Post your food photo or recipe on your blog or on social media. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or a self-hosted blog… it’s all good. Be sure to use both the #fandomfoodies tag and the tag for that month’s theme, and @ Fandom Foodies if possible! Each submission should include a link to Fandom Foodies, a link to the hosting blog, and the month’s hashtag.
  4. If you post a recipe on your own blog, submit it to the link-up. Link-ups can be found on the host blog’s main post for the month and should look something like this:
  5. Check out everyone else’s contributions! Sharing and commenting is not required, but certainly encouraged. This is about connecting to other fans and having fun, so get to know the other Foodies and let them know if you like their style!

How to Host a Monthly Theme

1. First thing’s first: check the schedule to see what months are available. Feel free to also do a quick search on the site to make sure your chosen theme hasn’t been done before. We sometimes do themes more than once, but usually the same person wants to host under the same hashtag, so it’s a courtesy thing. 🙂

2. Write me an e-mail including…

  • Your name and blog address
  • Which theme you want and what month you want to do it in
  • What your hashtag will be
  • What kind of blog you have (i.e. Tumblr, self-hosted WordPress blog, blog, Blogspot etc.) so that I can create a link-up and generate a code for you to use

3. 1-2 weeks before the themed month starts, give people a heads up on your blog and on social media that you’ll be hosting a link-up. Build interest!

4. On the first of the month, publish a host post that includes

  • A description of the link-up theme
  • Instructions on how to participate
  • A link back to this website
  • The link-up itself (I will provide you the code ahead of time). If you’re confused at all, check out previous host posts here, here and here! It is totally okay to use any of these as a template.

5. Play host throughout the month! It’ll be up to you to promote the link-up. Share everyone’s contributions on social media, comment on submitted posts, and chat with participants.