About Fandom Foodies

Fandom Foodies is a group consisting of food lovers that like to cook inspired by fiction and pop culture! Every month we create and share recipes inspired by a theme like Zelda, Pokemon, Tim Burton films, etc. Our themes are picked by individual members that then host each month’s link-up on their blogs or social media accounts.

We began as a Facebook group for pop culture bloggers, but we quickly grew to include people with non-fandom food blogs and people with no blogs at all. If you’re excited about geeky food in any capacity, you’re welcome at Fandom Foodies!

This particular page is run by Katharina of Pretty Cake Machine, but no one person “runs” Fandom Foodies. Anyone can participate in one of our themed months, and anyone can volunteer to host a month! There’s nothing specific one needs to do to become a “member.” We want to encourage people to get in the kitchen and make things inspired by their favorite fandoms, regardless of membership or blog ownership!

For more information on how to host a themed month or participate in one, check out the How Do I Participate? page.